Inpower PMM for CRP

PMM for CRP - Permanent Magnet Motors for Contra Rotating Propulsion

A Unique Combination of Known Technologies by Scana Propulsion AS and Inpower AS

Contra Rotating Propulsion by Scana asserts great advancements in both efficiency and robustness, including lower fuel consumption and highly efficient permanent magnet propulsion. This is a complete system which features environmentally friendly propulsion through low emissions.

Contra Rotating Propeller

Improved propulsion efficiency due to energy recovery from rotational flow in CRP system and higher hull efficiency from a single skeg versus twin screw vessel. Fixed pitch propeller system with few movable parts, directly driven from the slow speed PM motors.The propeller is protected behind the center skeg far from the ship side, while the propeller tip is well above the baseline and further protected by a solepiece.

Permanent Magnet Motor

In collaboration with Scana, Inpower’s Permanent Magnet Motor is designed to operate the vessel from zero to full speed.The compactness of the propulsion system enables the ship’s major benefits through:
Installation• Operations• Service & Maintenance• Low Noise• Low Fuel Consumption


JUANITA - groundbreaking propulsion system (June 2014)