New fuel-saving innovation from Scana and Inpower

Scana Propulsion AS and Inpower AS are introducing the Thorque™ solution, which uses permanent magnet technology to reduce fuel consumption and emissions from marine propulsion systems.

The initial delivery of this innovation will be made to FSV Group’s newbuilding MS Multi Green, making the two Norwegian partners the first in the market to offer such a solution.

Thorque™ is a compact slow-speed propeller drive for ships which can cut fuel costs and reduce emissions to the environment compared with conventional solutions.

An application has been made to patent this technology, which will be available for all types of diesel-electric propulsion systems.

It is a direct result of the industrial collaboration pursued by Scana and Inpower over the past three years, which has yielded environmentally efficient ship propulsion solutions based on permanent magnet technology.

FSV Group’s ship MS Multi Serve, sister ship of newbuilding MS Multi Green.

FSV Group’s ship MS Multi Server, sister ship of newbuilding MS Multi Green.

“With Torque™, we’ve worked jointly on yet another efficient and compact propulsion solution,” says Chief Executive Geir Larsen at Inpower.

“It has an integrated mechanism for controlling propeller pitch and trust bearing. By incorporating a permanent magnet machine in Thorque™, we’ve integrated the electrical motor and gearbox in a single product.

“That eliminates mechanical efficiency losses in the gearbox while simultaneously increasing the efficiency of the electrical motor.

“Thorque™ is a key component in the FSV project with our PhiDrive™ propulsion system. This was moreover nominated for the 2014 Innovation of the Year award from Offshore Support Journal.

Kirsti Gjørvad, sales and marketing manager at Scana Propulsion, and Geir Larsen, chief executive of Inpower AS.

Kirsti Gjørvad, Sales and Marketing Manager at Scana Propulsion, and Geir Larsen, Chief Executive of Inpower AS.

The new product is the second propulsion system based on permanent magnet technology from Scana Propulsion and Inpower. It follows a contra-rotating propeller system developed by Salt Ship Design and Scana.

Driven by two independent permanent magnet motors, this concept has been installed on the Juanita supply ship being completed for Ugland Offshore by Kleven Verft.

“Our solutions provide compact and energy-saving ship propulsion systems,” says Hallvard Pettersen, Chief Executive at Scana Volda.

“They’re ideal for both newbuildings and retrofitting, and can provide substantial savings by comparison with conventional technology.”

He is very pleased to be introducing Thorque™ to the market, and is confident that it will set a new standard for marine propulsion systems.


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Geir Larsen, Chief Executive, Inpower AS, mobile +47 911 52 100, e-mail