Great satisfaction with Inpower’s PhiDrive™ propulsion system

The fuel-saving PhiDrive™ propulsion system delivered by Inpower to MS Multi Green, FSV Group’s newbuilding, has been given high marks by the owner, builder Vaagland Båtbyggeri and designer Solstrand Trading. The vessel was named and delivered in Molde on Saturday 6 December.

“This is the future,” FSV Group chief executive Petter Thoresen affirmed when the contract was signed in December 2013. Less than a year later, he finds it gratifying that a small and innovative team like Inpower can deliver in line with expectations.

Benefit beat risk

“When we opted for this solution, we incorporated a level of risk in our calculations for moving from mechanical propulsion to a diesel-electric concept,” Thoresen observes. “We also took account of risk related to technology and the ability to execute, but the benefit from savings on maintenance, emissions and fuel consumption overshadowed the risk. “Our experience from this project is that Inpower offers a very effective environmental technology which functions, and not least an organisation able to implement the project.” A cargo and service vessel for use in the fish farming sector, Multi Green is due to operate in Marine Harvest Norway’s southern region. Inpower’s patented PhiDrive™ propulsion system provides a high level of efficiency by comparison with comparable diesel-electric solutions. It includes directly connected permanent magnet electrical motors in combination with variable revolutions on the diesel engines. Permanent magnet electrical machinery is an accepted and well-proven technology used in such applications as wind power and electric cars.


Endre Brekstad, technical manager at FSV Group, was eager to see the outcome of the project, and whether Inpower would cope with a delivery on such a scale. “I was also keen to see whether the system would be too complex for the ship, and whether the design basis was accurate,” he comments. “So I’ve been surprised in a very positive way by Inpower’s professional project follow-up, while it allowed us to make suggestions so that the solution’s tailored to our needs. That’s very positive for somebody who’s delivering their first complete propulsion system. Brekstad describes the system as simple and user-friendly. “It has a user-friendly interface, and is actually simpler to use than competing systems. It’s stable, with very little vibration, which enhances shipboard comfort.”


Peter Kristjan Vaagland at Vaagland Båtbyggeri is also pleased with the collaboration between his yard and Inpower. “Given what we know so far, this has been a positive project,” he says. “Cooperation with Inpower and its Elmarin sub-contractor has been good, and all the challenges have been overcome in an appropriate manner as they’ve arisen. We’d have no problem taking on a new project with the same team.” Reidar Aas at Solstrand Trading, who designed Multi Green, has also been surprised in a positive way by the technology and the way the project has been handled by Inpower. “Installation and testing have gone according to plan, and no big challenges arose,” he reports. “That’s quite simply positive.”


“We’re very gratified that FSV Group opted for our PhiDrive™ solution as part of its environmental commitment,” says Geir Larsen, managing director of Inpower. He notes that directly connected permanent magnet electrical motors combined with diesel engines featuring variable revolutions give high overall efficiency, and are optimum for vessel propulsion. “With this project, we now how the opportunity to document the gains offered by our unique propulsion system in the form of lower fuel consumption, reduced emissions to the environment and smaller maintenance costs,” Larsen observes.


He explains that this project is a turnkey delivery, where Inpower has been responsible for Multi Green’s complete propulsion system from A to Z. Everything from the main engines to the propellers has been delivered and coordinated by the company, all based on its patented PhiDrive™ propulsion solution. Inpower has collaborated with Scana Propulsion in Volda on developing the Thorque™ permanent magnet propeller drive as part of a joint commitment to the market for vessel propulsion. Other subcontractors to the delivery include Vacon and Nogva as well as Elmarin. Innovation Norway has also been an important contributor to realising the project. “Collaboration with the shipping company, the designer, the yard and our subcontractors has been fantastic in this project,” says Larsen.

FSV Group

Offers operation and chartering of special vessels for work above and beneath the waves, such as various freight and towing assignments. See

Vaagland Båtbyggeri

Develops and builds ships for fishing and freight and for other special applications. The yard undertakes newbuilding, conversion and repair work, and can build complete hulls and sections.

Solstrand Trading

Is an independent consultant naval architect, offering designs for marine aquaculture and fisheries as well as an extensive range of services.

Inpower AS

Is a Norwegian company which develops and owns patents for ship propulsion technology. It focuses on developing the most reliable and efficient propulsion systems on the market through the application of permanent magnet technology, including the PhiDrive™ propulsion system. Solutions under development by the company are based on concepts and technology originated by inventor and company founder Normann Sandøy (1941-2011).

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Geir Larsen, managing director, Inpower AS, tel +47 911 52 100,,
Petter Thoresen, chief executive, FSV Group AS, tel +47 95 20 38 69,,

All photos: Magnus Furset

Multi Green 1

Multi Green 1 - From left: Peter Kristjan Vaagland from Vaagland Båtbyggeri, lady sponsor Turid Lande Solheim from Marine Harvest, and Petter Thoresen from FSV Group.

Multi Green 2

Multi Green 2 - Geir Larsen, Inpower chief executive, in Multi Green’s engine room.

Multi Green 3

Multi Green 3 - Permanent magnet propulsion motors.