Great attention attracted when a groundbreaking propulsion system from Inpower and Scana Volda was delivered and taken into use.

Juanita was delivered from Kleven Verft AS to Ugland Supplier AS on 16 April. This supply ship was Kleven’s yard number 361 and is Salt 100 PSV type from Salt Ship Design.

After delivery, the vessel immediately began work for Statoil Petroleum AS on a two-year contract with two options for a one-year extension.


Juanita is classed by Det Norske Veritas with the following notation: +1A1, Offshore Service Vessel+, Supply, ICE C, DEICE, SF, DYNPOS-AUTR, E0, LFL*, OILREC (NOFO 2009), CLEAN DESIGN, NAUT OSV(A), COMF-V(3)C(3), BIS, BWM-T, dk(+), HL(2,8), TMON.

Groundbreaking propulsion system

Juanita is the first ship fitted with a new propulsion system based on permanent magnet technology. It has been installed by Inpower in cooperation with Scana Volda, which developed the counter-rotating propeller (CRP) for the vessel.

   “The newly developed CRP system represents a big effort for us in terms of both innovation and implementation,” Scana Propulsion CEO Kristian Sætre said when the contract was signed.

   “Inpower’s expertise with permanent magnet motors and an efficient and competent supplier network underpinned the choice of that company as our partner for this exciting project.”

   Permanent magnet motors are an accepted and well-proven technology, used in propulsion solutions for modern hybrid cars, in the robot and automation industry, and in wind energy and hydropower.

   Inpower has specialist expertise and long experience with permanent magnetic technology, and a well-established collaboration with leading manufacturers of permanent magnetic machines. That allows the company to deliver tailored propulsion solutions.

   “Propulsion systems based on permanent magnet technology offer unique capacity, efficiency and operating economics,” says Geir Larsen, CEO of Inpower.

   “The properties of directly connected permanent magnetic motors perfectly suit CRPs for several reasons, including high efficiency at both nominal revolutions and the full revolution range.

   “Electric motors are slow running and directly connected to the propeller shaft, thereby avoiding energy loss through reduction gears. They also save considerable space.

   “With the compact propeller permitting a more efficient stern configuration, this all adds up to substantially better efficiency with associated lower fuel use and reduced greenhouse emissions.”

Scana and Inpower CRP shaft in shaft system with Permanent Magnet Motors

Scana and Inpower shaft in shaft system with Permanent Magnet Motors

CRP with Inpower motors

CRP with Inpower Motors


Maritimt Magasin, omtale MV Juanita

Maritimt Magasin, MV Juanita med banebrytende fremdriftssystem


Skipsrevyen, omtale MV Juanita

Skipsrevyen, nominations Ship of the year 2014