About Inpower AS

Inpower AS was established in 2001 by entrepreneurs Normann Sandøy, Reidar Vårdal and professor Robert Nilssen. The company has focused from the start on developing bearing, turbine and generator solutions based on permanent magnet technology, and this work has resulted in several patents.

Inpower’s core business today is the development and sale of the energy-efficient and fuel-saving PhiDrive™ ship propulsion solution.

Other products from Inpower are:

  • Inpower PMM; Permanent Magnet Motors

  • Inpower PMG; Permanent Magnet Generators

  • PhiVarg™; Permanent Magnet shaftgenerators running on variable speed

  • Thorque™; Permanent Magnet Motors for ship propulsion

  • Permanent Magnet Motors for CRP; Contra Rotating Propulsion

Inpower's patents for bearing technology and hydropower turbines are licensed to the Norwegian companies Brunvoll AS and Cleanpower AS.

Inpower AS is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bertel O. Steen Teknikk AS, and part of the Bertel O. Steen group. The company had a turnover of NOK 211 million in 2015 and now has 50 employees.

Inpower AS is distributor in Norway for Permanent Magnet Generators and Motors from  Ramme Electric Machines GmbH , Germany.